USC06 – The Gear You Need to get Started

In this episode of Unload and Show Clear we finish our intro-to-IDPA series with a look at the gear you will need to get started.
Unlike our sister sport USPSA, the gear you need to get started in IDPA is pretty minimal and, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to buy anything that you don’t already own and use.
Everything is geared toward concealed carry, but IDPA is a game, so expect to see equipment that is designed for competition.  You will see competition holsters, and modifications in the ESP division that are not the kind of thing that you would normally carry every day.  You could, but it’s not totally practical.
But even if you use a competition holster or modifications to you gun, your gear still has to be concealable. It can’t be skeletonized like the race gear in USPSA.   
The great thing is that you can bring the gun you carry every day, the holster you use everyday, and you can compete in an IDPA match.
Gear Recommendations
Cover Garment:
Mag Carriers:
Ear Protection:
Eye Protection:

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