About the Show

All too often, gun owners and gun culture are portrayed in the worst possible ways in the media. Old, racist, white guys who love their guns more than kids.

This podcast aims to counter that narrative by shining a light on the members of gun culture who are involved in IDPA – International Defensive Pistol Association.

While IDPA members make up a fraction of the overall gun-owning public, they are a representative cross-section of that demographic. All races, from all walks of life, rich, poor and in between, young and old, men and women. Patriotic, caring, friendly, outgoing. Salt of the earth kinds of people who love their country, and their fellow men.

This podcast is about them. Each week we will introduce you to some of these awesome people.

Unload and Show Clear is an independent podcast and is not affiliated with the International Defensive Pistol Association. The content presented here in not subject to the approval of and does not necessarily represent the opinions of IDPA ownership or staff.

Unload and Show Clear is a production of Armed Lutheran Media Company, LLC.