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Welcome to out very first episode.
In today's episode we are going to talk about what IDPA is and what this podcast is all about.
The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) was founded in 1996 based on defensive pistol techniques and “real world” self-defense scenarios. The founders of IDPA believed that USPSA competitions had become “equipment races”, where the best, most expensive gear was more important than  ability.
My name is Lloyd Bailey and I am your host. I started shooting competitively in 2011 back in western North Carolina. My first sanctioned IDPA match was the North Carolina State Championship at the Watauga Gun Club in Boone, North Carolina in August 2013, just weeks before I moved to Texas.  
I moved to a part of Texas where IDPA and the shooting sports are huge.  There are several shooting clubs in the Dallas Ft Worth area, and there are nearly a dozen matches to shoot on any given week in and around the metroplex.
Too often the people of the gun community are painted in the worst possible light.
The people I have met through IDPA are great friends, and more importantly they are awesome people. That's what you will find if you go to a match. You will meet people who will loan you equipment, give you pojnters, help you out even though they never met you before.
All across the country, there are amazing people who take part in IDPA and they are the reason the sport is so much fun.  And that is what this show is about. With this episode we are going to start out by introducing you to the sport and then, starting with episode 8, you will meet the awesome people that are the heart and soul of this sport.  

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