USC03 – Matches, Divisions and Classifications

Today we are continue our intro-to-IDPA series with a review of matches, divisions and classifications. 
First we're going to touch on how matches are defined.  The small, local club matches are called Tier 1 matches.  This doesn't mean that only Tier 1 special ops types are allowed to shoot them.  Matches are defined by Tiers based on the size of the match.
So, Tier 1 are your weekly or monthly club matches. Tier 2 matches and larger are called “sanctioned” matches.
As of the recording of this show, under the 2017 rulebook, there are six main divisions.  There are also a couple of specialty divisions that we will mention today but we won't cover in detail.  
Today we will discuss:
Stock Service Pistol (SSP) 
Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP)
Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP)
Compact Carry Pistol (CCP) and
Revolver (REV)
If you want to compete in sanctioned matches — state, regional, or national level matches — or to continue to participate in your local club matches,  you’ll need two things.  An IDPA membership and a classification.
There are seven classifications:

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